Gibson "Les Paul Special" Neck Repair Page 4

After a few delays, including my compressor dying, I am back on the Gibson.

I think I have finished the lacquer color coats on the guitar.  There are about 6 coats of color, sanded between every 2 coats. The color I selected produces a definite "Wine" color over the mahogany body and neck.  It picks up this color from the underlying mahogany.  You can see the actual color of the lacquer on the masking tape covering the fretboard on the neck, which appears like a bright red stripe on the lower portion of the neck.

After these last coats are sanded and the neck remasked to expose the sides of the fretboard, I will apply several more coats of clear lacquer - This guitar will look like it is encased in liquid glass . . .

The wood grain is still very evident through the lacquer, as this close-up photo shows.  It's hard to capture the actual color - this photo is unedited and loses some of the "purple-wine overtones" that you see in person.  The neck repair has disappeared at this stage, it is impossible to see where the original crack was located.