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3 models of kayak to choose from in 3 different finish levels for a total of 9 beauties to select from!


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Model KS

Small kayak

10'  18 lbs

km.jpg (2566 bytes) Model KM

Medium kayak

15' 19 lbs

kl.jpg (2542 bytes) Model KL

Large kayak

22' 19.5 lbs

"Silver" level of finish $25,000 USD
"Gold" level of finish $35,000 USD
"Platinum" level of finish $100,000 USD

My Design Philosophy

I use only 1/16" veneer in a single layer for the hull and deck, and laminate with 1oz glass and epoxy, tediously applied with toilet tissue.  I have no good reason for doing so, but of course it is better than the "other" designer's stuff. 



Has been discontinued for no good reason - Except, perhaps it never existed in the first place!


Kayak Book Reviews

I don't read no steenking kayak books! That's because I haven't written one yet!  Nobody else knows what they're talking about - Compare my "Platinum" finish with everything else you see!  So there . . .


And Now . . .

What you've all been waiting for - An example of my "Platinum" level of finish . . .



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