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Joining the Deck & Hull


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joining19.jpg (60109 bytes) I'm using a neat trick I picked up on Nick's KBBS, that of spot hot-gluing the 3" wide interior seam tape in place on the hull.   This allows me to position the tape all the way to the ends with ease.  There is a small drop of hot glue spaced every 8-10", to simply hold the 6oz glass tape in place when the deck is laid in position.
joining20.jpg (71392 bytes) Taping the hull and deck together is getting monotonous, but this is the last time. The edges are matched nearly perfectly all the way around the kayak, awaiting taping and glassing of the inner seams.
joining21.jpg (63552 bytes) The boat has been laid up on its side to aid in glassing the port seam. If it weren't for the hatch cutouts and brushes attached to long sticks, the job would be nearly impossible.  As it is, it is merely a small nightmare.  When the bottom seam tape cures, the boat will be flipped over and the other seam installed.
joining22.jpg (66978 bytes) Inside seam glassing has been completed and allowed to cure, the tape has been removed, and the port seam sanded smooth.  Here the outside seam has been freshly glassed with 3" wide 6oz tape. 
joining23.jpg (52279 bytes) Closeup showing the masking done on either side of the 3" wide tape to protect the rest of the hull & deck from drips.  When the epoxy hardens, the tape will be feathered into the other surfaces and a filll coat applied.
joining25.jpg (54826 bytes) After removing the tape and newspaper, the true contrast of the coaming and deck become apparent.  I had difficulty capturing what the true colors look like, but this photo at least gives some idea as to what you will see in person.  Some of the kayak is sanded, some is not, and there is fresh fill on the sheer glassing.

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