Gordon Hill's Flute


The Text of Gordon's email:



Here are the photos I promised you. The only modification to your design was the walnut mouthpiece. I made it longer to carve more of a reed-like mouthpiece. The wraparound tribal sun was woodburned. 4 coats of MinWax satin wipe-on Poly rubbed in. (The block is a temporary one until I decide on what I want to carve).

The cherry gave it a very warm sound, which is what I was looking for. I used your measurements for the hole sizes/locations. Although I havenít finalized the tuning, it is real close to spot on. I have only one hole that sounds a little sharp, so itíll be easy to bring it to pitch.

Playing it has almost a zen-like effect and I can get lost experimenting with sounds for hoursÖIím quickly realizing that that is what itís all about.

Let me know what you think of my first attempt.

Thanks againÖ.Your site gave me the incentive to attempt this project.


Thanks Gordie!  Looks great, I'm going to play mine now after reading about yours!  Best Regards,