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Deck Design Cut & Fill

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deck36.jpg (59159 bytes) I first sanded around the cockpit area so I wouldn't have to remove much material after trimming the cockpit.  The cockpit pattern was then traced, and cut out with a Stanley flush cutting pull saw.  I then drew the remainder of the deck design fore & aft, and here I am beginning to cut out the forward pattern with the pull saw.  This was heart-in-throat time, as the deck was so darn perfect at this point, and here I am cutting it wide open.
deck37.jpg (62319 bytes) This is the hole that resulted after the sawing operation. It will be outfitted with some pin stripes around the radius, and then stripped with more spruce, to contrast the surrounding red cedar.
deck39.jpg (53352 bytes) Starting to fill in the new cutout.
deck40.jpg (53998 bytes) The cutout is being filled with spruce strips, oriented the same way the deck was laid.
deck41.jpg (52719 bytes) Now that the bow cutout is stripped in, I finished the cutout at the stern.  I was afraid to do it all at once, opting to rebuild the support at the front before proceeding with the cut.  The walnut pin stripe and cedar spacer strip are being glued in this photo.
deck43.jpg (52292 bytes) I couldn't resist wetting down a piece of the deck to check what the different woods might look like at this point - - The contrasts seem just about perfect!
deck44.jpg (37738 bytes) For you again Jerry - Remember years ago when you couldn't believe the tight joints on that hardwood preamp cabinet I made, and then I told you I cheated and cut the miters & all on a Bridgeport mill?  Well, this magnification of the deck shows hand-done joinery, the walnut pinstripe is 3/32" . . . I don't need no steeenking machine!
gdeck_11.jpg (33899 bytes) I finally took Betsy into the sunshine and was able to step back and see what the deck design looks like from a distance . . .

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